What Is The Operating Standard Of The Touch Screen?

- Oct 23, 2018-

Touch screens have to be clear, responsive and stable to be a standard touch display.

A means of self-examination

Use the check program provided in the driver to check whether the physical function of the touch screen is normal;

If you have two or more sets of this product, please use the method of replacing the hardware one by one to confirm which part of the hardware is failing. The parts of replacement test are control card, screen and cable.

If you have more than two PCS, please replace the PC for testing. The main PC failures causing the touch screen failure include: rs-232 serial port is normal? You can test with the mouse; Is the power supply available at the keyboard port? It can be tested by connecting to the keyboard. Test if interrupts such as IRQ conflict? You can access system resources to view the availability of COM ports and IRQ.

Testing is normal, and the software driver cannot run properly

Check to see if the driver matches the product and controller Settings.

Using rs-232 controller, whether to touch the serial number connected by the screen cable is different from the serial number in the software installation, please correct it and try again.

Are equipment resources in conflict? For example, the default IRQ after installation of some network CARDS is 3, which conflicts with the IRQ of COM2. The IRQ of the network card should be changed to the IRQ value of the idle device.

If the above means test is completely normal, and your technical fault cannot be solved, please refer to the following product fault method for troubleshooting according to the product situation you are using.