The Technology Development Of The Times Increases The Usage Of LCD Screen

- Oct 23, 2018-

The technology product is "the back of the Yangtze river waves to the front waves, the front waves die on the beach". The worldwide collapse of kodak film is a case in point. If the enterprise can not stay safe, catch up with the advanced enterprise if can seize the opportunity to successfully transform ushered in a beautiful spring. For example, security industry, as a technological industry, is undergoing rapid product upgrading, and enterprise transformation is both an opportunity and a challenge. If the enterprise does not seize the opportunity, it may become a prosperous and declining enterprise, or even its life is in danger. Nowadays, the LCD monitor has developed into a multi-functional LCD screen splicing system dominated by the LCD screen splicing wall. It already has an LCD screen splicing system featuring super brightness, ultra-clarity, ultra-contrast, ultra-longevity, ultra-narrow edges and any combination.

The demand of the global splicing wall market has been increasing by about 30% every year for the past two years, especially in China. Computer technology, the development of Internet technology, video monitoring technology, make the wall mosaics of the control room of the users from professional, such as: electricity, telecommunications, finance and other industries, to urban rail transit, urban management, such as energy, environmental protection is closely related to the government, the people's livelihood of the masses to monitor market development, at the same time, as production monitoring, logistics monitoring, highway monitoring, urban security monitoring is given priority to with video surveillance applications, such as in GIS, GPS is widely used and IP video technology development today, constantly pushing new splicing wall application requirements.