Classification Of Touch Screen Technology

- Oct 23, 2018-

For ease of operation, people use touch screen instead of mouse or keyboard. To do so, we must first touch the touchscreen mounted on the front of the display with our fingers or other objects, and then the system can locate and select input information based on the finger's icon or menu position. The touch screen consists of touch detection component and touch screen controller. The touch detection part is installed in front of the display screen to detect the user's touch position, which is accepted and sent to the touch screen controller; The main function of the touch screen controller is to receive touch information from the touch point detection device, convert it into contact coordinates, and send it to CPU, which can receive and execute commands from CPU at the same time.

The main types of touch screen: according to the working principle of touch screen and the medium to transmit information, we divide the touch screen into four types, which are resistive type, capacitive type, infrared type and surface acoustic type. Each type of touch screen has its own advantages and disadvantages. To understand which kind of touch screen is suitable for that occasion, the key is to understand the working principle and characteristics of each type of touch screen technology.