Advantages And Disadvantages Of Different Materials For Watch Straps

- Oct 23, 2018-

● Precious metal watch bands -- expensive, well - worked and luxurious. Suitable for expensive watches and jewelry watches - etc., worn for special occasions.

● Steel chain band -- price moderate, high - resistance goods. The original factory is more expensive and there are many substitutes. Its advantage is durable, bold and heroic, have motion feeling.

The main disadvantages are that some skin may cause allergy, the band is not easy to clean, easy to hide dirt, especially the summer sweat will dissolve the chain band seam dirt caused by dirt. In addition, because of the smooth surface of the chain belt, it is easy to slip on the wrist, which does not feel very good.

● Leather strap -- quite a variety of types, also very wide spread. An elegant watch must be matched with a top leather band to show the overall elegance. Wearing comfort is its advantage. The main disadvantage is that it is prone to damp, difficult to maintain, and is not durable.

● Canvas or nylon strap -- cheap, mainly used for military watch sports watches. Can absorb water, easy to grow peculiar smell.

● Plastic watch straps - the cheapest, mostly worn with electronic fashion watches. The designs are diversified and colorful, but there is always the feeling of not growing up.

● Silicon rubber bands -- are gaining popularity among watchmakers. Match the watch money from PP to ORIS, can see its trace. Like the HUBLOT has a full range of silicone rubber bands. Excellent physical properties of silicon rubber; Non-toxic, high and low temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, flexibility, easy to maintain, as a watch band only advantages without disadvantages.