A Watch Band Made Of Soft Materials Such As Leather

- Oct 23, 2018-

1) Calf Skin, which is tanned from the Skin of a Calf within 6 months of birth. Fine texture and soft touch. It's the best kind of cowhide. The picture on the bottom right shows the effect of the calf's skin on the crocodile pattern

2) Caiman Crcodylus Fuscus comes from the underarm leather of Caiman Crcodylus Fuscus, a species of Caiman from central and South America. It is the most commonly used material in the advanced crocodile belt.

3) Mississippi alligators are made of leather from the belly of a Mississippi Alligator in the southeastern United States. The highest form of crocodile skin. In the middle of the alligator's abdomen, a portion of the skin has a pattern known as a ribbed pattern. This portion of a crocodile's skin can only produce a few belts. Very expensive.

4) the skin of the Nile monitor lizard Varanus Niloticus, made of the skin of the top lizard, the Nile monitor lizard. You can show bright and beautiful colors by dyeing. It is the raw material for making beautiful watch bands.

5) kintagata skin Tupinambis Teguixin, made from the very advanced skin of the lizard, taiga kintaga. It is characterized by changes in the abdomen from small lines to large lines. The contrast is very strong.

6) Saddle Leather Calf, formerly used as the sturdy Calf of a Saddle, hence the name. In the process of wearing, as the daily wear will gradually become sugar color. It is a kind of leather with a rough style.

7) coarse-grained leather Galuchat, a skin made from the skin of rays, is a premium leather with a unique style. They have a hard grain as strong as stone, and even when a knife cuts them, it cuts them. Because of this, processing takes longer and requires higher technical requirements.

8) Python Python. Python skin is the general term for large snake leather with beautiful patterns. Characterized by a diamond-shaped scale pattern, it is a kind of advanced reptile leather.

9) ostrich skin Struthio Camelus Autruche, leather made from ostrich skin, features pores with feathers. It is a very strong leather that will stick and shine with use.

10) Shark Skin, leather made from the Skin of a Shark. Leather is known for its softness, solidity and durability. The feature is a small network of concavoconvex surface.

11) CORDURACORDURA is a fiber material produced by dupont which is 7 times stronger than nylon. It is often used in backpacks, outdoor products, etc.

12) LORICALORICA is an artificial leather with a leather appearance made of very fine fibers. It is characterized by a greater tolerance for water and sweat.

13) dry-lexdry-lex, a three-layer structure material. A bubble that circulates air. The breathability of this material is very good, and the perspiration can evaporate through the watch belt and keep it comfortable.

14) Kevlar. Kevlar is a fiber material of extremely high strength developed by dupont. Usually used for bulletproof, blade proof, etc.

Buffalo, Buffalo, Buffalo, Buffalo, Buffalo, New York, USA. Notes to the court). The material looks and feels very textured, actually soft and comfortable to wear.

16) Lamb, leather soft and smooth, with a silky texture that glows with vanilla grace. They are better suited for the wrist, which is lighter and less colored than other leather.

Textile fabrics, fabrics, cotton and linen fabrics are woven.

18) Nylon, a synthetic polyamide material that absorbs little moisture.

Perse of sea bass, fresh water fish sea bass leather production use leather, another unique nature, color is not simple, better gloss.

20) cowboy DenimTsukawa, materials, often for making small bags or purses. The cowboy material is familiar, and it feels easy.

Camel skin is a unique grain of leather model. The image itself looks hard, but the leather is very soft, with comfort, and has been popular for years.

22) Pigskin, Pigskin (pig leather), said to be the closest to human skin composition, is considered the softest natural leather and feels comfortable with human skin.

23) Polycarbonate, which is used as racing glass (Polycarbonate) and Polycarbonate (carbon dioxide plastics) materials after being tempered, is a more durable material than normal plastics.

24) AlcantaraAlcantara, an artificial leather with an endothelial feel. It has better air permeability than natural leather. It is mainly used in the seats and interior decoration of high-end cars.

25) Rubber, a soft, smooth material, very attached to the hand. Since the rubber is completely waterproof, it is often used on diving and sports watches.