Tips for Your Selling Used iPhone

- May 09, 2019-

Mobile phone security is getting more and more attention, but when people change their phones, the security problems of old phones are often overlooked. In fact, as long as it is a used mobile phone, even if it was restored factory settings, there still exist certain security problems.

If you going to sellign your old or used iphone, please ensure to do some following steps on the old phone.

1. iCloud backup to ensure that the new machine is fully equipped

First of all,in order to avoid the loss of software related data after having a new machine, you must first do a backup job of iCloud. You can set up a backup project in your iCloud account. 

Since the average user has only 5GB capacity, if you put all the data into iCloud, there may not be enough space. So you have to choose which software to back up.

2. Log out of your Apple ID

In the App Store, you may also be logged in to your Apple ID. For privacy and security, we can log out of the Apple ID firstly. Go to the App Store, pull down to the bottom, click on your Apple ID, and select Logout in the pop-up dialog box.

3. Turn off the Activation Lock! Prevent accidental blockade

Before you can sell the iPhone, you need to turn off the Activation Lock, Apple's Find my iPhone settings, which is a must. Because if you don't release the Activation Lock on the iPhone, then the iPhone you sold will not be able to restore the phone when it is used by the next-hand user.

4. Pay attention to your Apple Care

As a seller, of course, I hope that your  used iPhone  to be  sold as high as possible, so in addition to the appearance of your iPhone, if your iPhone is still in Apple Care's plan, or within the warranty period, it will be sold in high price. However, if the warranty period has passed, the price will be lower.