Take Care of the Genius Leather Watch band

- Dec 24, 2018-

If you have some additoinal leather brand for your apple watch or samsung watch, Here are some points that may able to help you to protect your watch strap.

1. Long-term violent sun light mapping will decolorize the appearance of the leather watch band, and will accelerate the aging of the leather strap leather. Some chemical reagents will also discolor or discolor the leather strap surface;

2. When wearing a leather strap, it is too hard to pull. It is easy to reveal cracks in the position where the leather  watch strap is often fixed. (The larger the flexure of the leather strap is, the easier it is to break.) Therefore, it is best to wear the leather strap. Be cautious and gentle.

3. Like other leather items, the most jealous thing on the leather watch strap is water. When it is immersed in water for a long time, the leather strap immediately becomes hard and brittle, and it also covers people's sweat. Therefore, it is impossible to snorkel (or do things that are exposed to water for a long time) with a watch with a leather strap. The long-term sweating of the beads can also make the leather strap moldy.

4. Clean the leather watch strap, wipe the belt with a soft cloth, and then dry it in a place away from light and ventilation. Every 1-2 months, use a leather strap protector to wipe the strap, then wipe the surface with a maintenance agent to maintain the texture of the leather strap and enhance the brightness.

5. In winter, the leather watch strap has a high degree of hardening. Do not “reflex” to damage the leather material.