Some Solutions for iPhone Repair

- Jan 08, 2019-

We believe iPhone is most popular than other mobile phone brands in terms of appearance and performance, but sometimes it still  has some minor faults when you are using iPhone 7 or iPhone X such as iPhone LCD screen does not respond, boot does not respond, mobile phone fever, mobile phone battery power consumption is too fast, etc.

But how to solve these  above problems, this article will introduce some solutions for you as below.

* The iPhone touch screen didn't respond  suddenly

The iPhone's screen lost its response and couldn't move forward. In fact, we can fix the phone by turning off the power button and then restarting it.

What if I don't respond to "Slide to Shutdown"? At this point you can try to press simultaneously

*Phone Home Button Problem

The key and power button are used to force a shutdown until a white apple appears on the screen. In addition, this method can also clear some basic cache, if you use the iPhone often

If you look at the video or look at the picture, you can try this method occasionally. No response at boot: encountered

* iPhone  Shuts Down Automatically

No matter how the power button is pressed, there is no response of the iphone. In this case, we need to use the data cable to make it open.

When the iPhone is connected to the computer, it can be turned on automatically. In addition, you can press and hold the power button and the HOME button for a few seconds at the same time. It is also possible to find the logo of the white apple.

*Mobile Phone Fever or Heated

The users of iPhone may be frightened by the heat of the phone.

Actually It is inevitable to generate heat during use, it does not affect the performance of the hardware, and it will not cause any hurt.

Hope above information that is helpful for you all, Thanks.