Maintenance method of hand epidermis strap

- Oct 23, 2018-

In addition to steel belts, belts are another bulk of watch straps. Leather strap not only looks elegant and fashionable, but also feels warm and comfortable when worn in cold winter. However, the leather watch strap maintenance is not easy is many watch fan's actual pain, print wants to tell you the correct belt maintenance idea, lets your watch strap can accompany you for a long time, after all, the asking price has the spectrum of thousands of yuan also not cheap!

1. When the watch band has a peculiar smell, dip the toothbrush into some soapy water to quickly clean the dirty parts, and then wipe them with a slightly wet cloth. To avoid soapy water infiltrating the cortex, the whole process is best done in 20 seconds. In addition, some leather oil can be applied on the strap, leather oil has a protective effect on the strap, which can make the maintenance work more complete.

2. A stiff leather watch belt is worn for a long time. In addition to peculiar smell, "hardening" is also a common symptom. If the band is often in a humid environment will accelerate its hardening rate, sweat stains will also erode the cortex, causing the band to deform, harden and even break, inexplicably resulting in the loss or fall of the watch. Therefore, in addition to regular maintenance, in the case of the belt hardening not to wind it, timely replacement is absolutely necessary. It is suggested that consumers wear leather belts only in winter, and sweat easily in summer or after exercise. If they can not wear them, they should not wear them. If they really want to wear them, they should dry them and put them on again, so as to extend the use period of leather watch straps.

3. Belts are made of various materials, which can be divided into crocodile skin, lizard skin, ostrich skin, shark skin and calf skin in general. No matter which kind of material is worn for a long time, it will produce bad smell. If the strap is wet, wipe it with a cloth immediately. If there is any dust, wipe it with a cloth (if it is wet, dry it after cleaning). In addition, prolonged exposure to the sun may also cause the band to deteriorate, which is also a point of attention.

4. Do not wear the belt watch at all times. It is best to replace more than two watches. The cortex needs to breathe. A ventilated environment can extend the service life of the watch band. Wearing different watches (belts) can not only reduce the risk of human injury, but also make the watch band get enough rest. In addition, the wearing of the belt watch itself is a constant wear and pull process, if you do not wear it every day will naturally accompany you for a longer time.