Key points for choosing a laptop bag

- Oct 22, 2018-

1. Size of the laptop bag: look for the protection space that is the most suitable for the laptop, so that your laptop won't wander around in the bag and improve the anti-seismic performance of the machine.

2. The sewing strength of the laptop bag: the current mainstream laptop weight is around 2.2KG, so the most important thing to pay attention to is the material and workmanship of the laptop bag. A typical laptop bag is not suitable for long-term heavy use, and an accident can cause fatal injuries to your laptop. So, the fabric of the bag that holds it needs to be good first, otherwise, your bag USES period of time after, begin to appear to fry line, shoulder band catch loose to wait a moment, an accident, inside valuable notebook computer can encounter fatal injury. And high quality laptop bag in front of the factory will be made on various aspects strict product testing, such as laptop bag metal clasp will after repeated tensile test and load test, and the selection of plastic products also passed through hardness testing, because hard plastic will burst in the cold region, the product a lot of trouble.

3, laptop bag, waterproof performance: consider most laptop bag or waterproof, because buy laptop is for the convenience of mobile office, if you go out in the outside in rainy day, or a drink accidentally splash, this bag if you have a good waterproof performance, also can rest easy when we met in the accident.