How to identify leather wristwatch straps

- Oct 22, 2018-

Many friends like watches with leather straps, but there are also some questions. This is one of the most common questions about how to recognize leather wristbands.

Of course, the leather made from the fur of animals is the real leather, but there are many levels of the real leather;

Head layer skin: head layer skin can be divided into grain, soft dough, broken skin, and the best calf skin, so you can often see some online merchants will be under the title of "head layer calf skin". If further divided, it can be divided into first layer, second layer and third layer.

Two-layer leather: two-layer leather is actually half real and half fake leather, because it is broken with the edge of cowhide, add polyethylene material again agglutinate and become leather, again through chemical material spraying or the coating of PVC, PU film processing and become. And the subdivision can also be divided into the first level, the second level, the third level.

Artificial leather: this everybody knows, be false leather, how this go to cause of I also not to say more.

And this knowledge of course you can go to baidu where search can be found, I would like to say how to distinguish between the first skin and the second skin;

The head layer skin: the saying on the net is "press with the hand, be to have furrow, also be to have natural leather furrow after wearing." There is no rupture after penetration. "That's the first layer of skin, and I have a special way of identifying it, because if you buy a piece of leather, you probably won't press hard to see if it's true, because if it's real leather, the price is not cheap, and if you press it, whether you can recover it is an unknown, and my way is:

First: smell the leather. It has a unique flavor of leather. It may take a little experience to smell it.

Second: look, because if the leather is made of cowhide, there will be many small and very small holes in the leather. This is because the fur of the leather has many tiny blood holes, and the processing is very difficult to remove the holes, unless there is a layer of stuff on the leather, these holes are very small and need to be watched carefully.

Third: of course, the most unwanted method, is to use the fire, this method is not recommended, because it will damage the cortex, dermis will not be burned hard knot, and artificial leather will be hard knot.