How to choose a package?

- Oct 23, 2018-

Notebook bag cooperation:

First of all, luggage and luggage products are a new product category. With the emergence of laptop, there are also computer bags in the market. In addition, there are also computer bag and inner bag, overseas is usually called "business bag, inner bag."

1. Determine the purpose of choosing a computer bag

There are two main types of computer bag: ordinary computer bag and business computer bag. Ordinary computer package more consider computer protection; The business computer package has computer compartments and file compartments, which take into account the classification of documents and business items outside the computer.

2. Check whether the work of the computer bag is fine

Look at the corner of the computer bag and whether the pressure line is neat, there is no off line and jumpers appear, if every stitch is very exquisite, it is high technology.

3. Look at the pocket layout in your computer bag

When choosing a business bag, pay attention to the choice of details. Whether the small pocket money bag, key hook, pen bag, file bag, computer compartment and even the pocket of cigarette and lighter inside the business bag are designed and reasonable.

4. See if the zipper of the bag is strong and durable

The zipper is the most negligible detail, but it is also the key point of the computer bag. A good quality zipper not only allows you to easily complete the loading and taking action, but also is an important part of the weight security of the laptop bag, so you cannot choose carelessly.

5. Look at the fabric used to make the bag

The higher the density of the material more wear-resistant, feel more smooth, waterproof and dustproof performance. So when you're shopping for a laptop bag, try to choose one that USES high-density materials to protect your laptop.