Cloth luggage will become the development trend of luggage!

- Oct 23, 2018-

In this era, the world of bags has become popular with comfortable, romantic, implicit and dreamy feelings, which are completely integrated into every bag. No matter women or men, everyone is excited to own one or more bags that can bring out their taste. Now the women's bag elements are also quietly into the men's bag makeup points. Every bag is different because of the different design of fabric, nowadays, the fabric of the bag can be said to be multifarious, what kind of have, everybody can often see on the market the cow leather bag, patent leather bag, sand skin bag, Oxford material cloth, nylon cloth bag, artificial leather bag... The list goes on and on. How can you tell a bag from a fabric?

Now there are several types of fabric for bags in the market:

The first kind is real leather bag, which is real animal fur, such as cowhide, pig skin, horse skin and so on. Now most real leather bags are cow leather bag, because the cowhide is tough and the fabric is firm, because the material of real leather bag comes from real animal material, so the price is relatively expensive, but the style is relatively simple.

The second kind, PU material, one kind of artificial leather, most cases and bags are made of this kind of fabric, often referred to as patent leather and so on. PU fabric is actually used in thousands of ways, with different prices from low to high, various styles and high plasticity. However, due to the relatively serious environmental pollution in the production of the PU material luggage and the scratch-abrasion and short service life in the later use process, the PU material luggage has been gradually fading out of sellers' choice.

Third, cloth, good softness, leisure bag most this kind of fabric used in color, not afraid of ground pressure are all its advantages, wear-resisting durable cloth itself also favored by manufacturers and consumers, with the use of modern science and technology, the waterproof performance of cloth bags more and more strong, makes up the defect of the fabric itself is not waterproof, and easier for the design of all sorts of styles in the fabric, so the class cloth bags more and more into the market, become a leading role in the field of bags.