Choose the right bag

- Oct 22, 2018-

Nowadays, people cannot live without computers in their work and life. It is said that some people can only live with wifi, so the computer bag is a necessary loading tool. So how to choose a suitable laptop bag?

First, the laptop fits perfectly with the bag. To avoid slipping your laptop around in your bag and improve the security of your laptop, you must choose a computer bag in the right size. When choosing a bag, it is not measured according to the size of the notebook. The screen of the same size, different brands, different models, and the appearance size will vary a lot. Therefore, it is generally a comparison between the overall appearance size of the laptop and the protective space size of the bag.

Second, the waterproof and cushioning of the computer package is a must. Users to buy a laptop to a mobile office is the true meaning, if I met or accidentally splash on a rainy day, laptop bag is high quality product, the inside of the laptop at the time of accident will be safe and sound, low-end laptop bag with the use of inferior cheap materials, so there is no water proofing property, this kind of laptop bag although cheap, but it is not recommended, because it may do more harm than good, and some of the famous brand of laptop bag has very good waterproof properties, such as the UK surelaptop all laptop bag before they go out to the water test, Generally, the waterproofing is 300-500mm, so that even a downpour can keep the rain out. Another thing is the buffer bags, because of the cost of the problem, the lack of strict low-end package on the design, material also is perfunctory, some low-end package even adopted some ordinary sponge as a buffer layer, so that in case of some impact extrusion, tend to be serious to endanger the safety of your laptop, and cheap sponge is more absorption of moisture, therefore, computer package material is very important.

Finally, resilience is key. This performance is most obvious in the low-end package, laptop or four or five kilograms, light, 2, 3 kg, so, pack it bag materials first to quality, otherwise, your bags with a period of time, began to appear to fry line, the phenomenon such as loose shoulder belt hook, an accident, expensive laptop may have fatal damage, the high quality laptop bag in front of the factory should be strict on this part of the test, to ensure the quality, some brands of laptop is through the strict test before they go out, even the bags metal buckle to 30 kg tensile repeated 250 times of tensile test, The adhesive chosen is also tested for hardness, and the standard 85 degrees can be used, because the hard plastic will burst in the cold region, bringing security risks to the laptop installed inside.